i learn to love and appreciate certain things … discovery channel, chandler’s jokes, ridiculous home made music videos, saabs, ways to keep our planet from wasting away, and so much more. but something he loves even more than all those things is skateboarding. and because of that love comes skate videos, and this one outdoes them all. i really do love it. so here you go….

another video i love is this. by Oren Lavie. some of you might have seen it on the free people blog.

it’s ok if you don’t have the patience for two videos in one blog post. but at some point you should watch both, if you want to. they’re really great. i love when people make creative and unique videos. and i don’t love not being able to post stuff from vimeo on my blog!! for some reason it doesn’t work. lame mclamerson right?! or maybe i am just lame for not doing it right. hmm, either way … bummer.